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Yellow Day Lilly blossomsThis week’s Gospel reading tells of Jesus sending out his disciples “like sheep” into a world filled with “wolves.” He tells them to proclaim tidings of peace to the communities they visit, to heal the sick and to cast out the demons that oppress the people they meet. And then he warns them that doing these things, these kind things, will cause some people to attack them and to beat them. He goes on to say that Christians should expect to even be betrayed by the people that are the closest to them.

What is it about being kind to your neighbor that seems to evoke such deep anger and hatred? Why is that a proclamation of peace to the World would, by itself, cause enmity and division? 

In this week’s sermon I explore this question and make some suggestions about what the answer might be – and what it might mean for us.

(The direct link to the sermon video is found here.)

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