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A fiery dove descends in a starry skyThe most common miracle that we experience is, I suppose, the weekly celebration of the Holy Eucharist. As we gather as a community around God’s table, the presider says the words that call to mind the night that Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples before he was crucified. The words we hear recall to us what Jesus said that night, but they also re-present the bread and the wine as he did, and return us to the majesty of the sacred three days which we just celebrated. Somewhere in that prayer, in that moment, the bread and wine become filled with the real presence of Jesus.

That is the work of the Holy Spirit in the communion of the gathered community. It is an act of memory, an act of recall as well as an action of transformation. On the Feast of Pentecost I invite you to reflect on our weekly experience of that miracle and see if we can use this experience to understand what the Holy Spirit has done, and is doing, in the Church. How do the prophets speak the words given to them by the Spirit, and what happens to us when we hear them? How does the Spirit help us to be present again to the moment of our baptism and transformation? How are we being miraculously transformed by the Spirit just as the Apostles were on the Day of Pentecost?

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  1. jane frey says

    Thank you Bishop Nick.
    I enjoy your special presentations

  2. galedoubtfulguest says

    I wanted to quickly write to thank you for adding my husband to the prayer list and also your own prayer list. I wanted to give God praise for improvement with one of the issues he’s dealing with. That also really helped him to have a more positive attitude and outlook, which I think also helps. I am grateful for God’s help and mercies!

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