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The Lion and LambThank you again for your prayers and good wishes as I was recovering from my latest bout with Covid. Thanks to all of you and the wonders of science and medicine, I’m doing much better now. I’m impatiently waiting out the ten-day quarantine as I recover and looking forward to returning to my regular schedule.

In this week’s gospel reading, Jesus tells us that he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life… and the only way to God. It’s a reading frequently heard at funerals where there are all sorts of people present, many of whom are not Christian and many of whom don’t believe what he says. I’ve always wanted a chance to stop the service and teach on this passage, but that’s not appropriate when there’s other important work being done. But, this week…

So, in this sermon, I get to say what I’ve wanted to tell people so many times over the years. Jesus is the way, but his real point is that since he is the living example of Love, he’s genuinely saying that Love is the way to God.

The direct link to the sermon is here.

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  1. Celeste says

    Your words and vulnerability = a gift to all who are gifted with your “friendship!” I know another in a similar position after a recent diocesan gathering.

  2. @wnknisely And I highly recommend you keep your background singer on a contract! I don’t know my bird songs, but it’s a lovely addition to any sermon, I would imagine!Thanks for sharing your sermon early as well, and hope you’re well and avoiding a third bout!

    • Heh. I think that was an ovenbird. Wasn’t sure if you all would be able to hear it after compression, etc. But he was pretty loud in my ear. The ospreys will be back in a few weeks and they’ll join the chorus.

  3. Barbara Capalbo says

    Now That was an excellent sermon.

  4. Gale says

    in this particular reading, I have always found it hard to focus on anything other than the text of Jesus preparing a place for me – it is a solid attention getter. The idea of in My Father’s House there are many rooms, is just an amazing idea to consider.

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