Easter Day: Because he lives, we are transformed

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A toy car in front of some Easter lilliesWhy is this day such a big deal? Because Jesus’ came back from the dead? Because his tomb was empty?

Other people have cheated death. Some of them – like Elijah – and (according to many) the Virgin Mary – managed to avoid dying at all.

That’s not it apparently. At least not if you read the text carefully.

It’s reasonable to expect that the women at the tomb on Easter Morning were present with Jesus in Bethany the week before when Lazarus was raised. 

Even if they weren’t present, surely they must have heard all about it from those who were there.

There’s something else going on here.

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  1. Barbara Capalbo says

    I have always believed that Christ was in his spiritual body when the two disciples met him on the road. Like Mary not recognizing Jesus til he called her name and he became visible to her.
    At the generosity and holiness of table he became physical to these disciples. Truly alive and human and God.
    The structure of the Eucharist was a reasonable and intellectual response but the center is the love and generosity of Jesus.

    What I love about the Episcopal Church is the worship of the empty cross and risen Christ not the chosen suffering and the grief stricken disciples.

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