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Jesus heals the blind manThis week’s Gospel reading tells the story of how Jesus used mud to give sight to a man who had been born without it. It is another account that will let those with understanding and real insight recognize who Jesus is and what he is doing in the World.

I am following St. Irenaeus, a 2nd century bishop, martyr and commentator’s interpretation of what is happening in this passage. Jesus shows himself to be completing the Creation that God began by finishing the work accomplished on the sixth day by healing on the seventh, the Sabbath, day. Given the narrative that precedes this particular account and what will follow, we are being told something very important.

But more than that, the argument that ensues as result of the healing is an argument over plain visible fact versus interpretation of scripture. It is the religious authorities who are unable to see the truth of the fact standing before them, because they are blinded by their preconception of who God is, and their concepts of the limits to God’s freedom.

It turns out that what was true back then is still true and happening today.

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