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Brooklyn Museum The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew Vocation de Saint Pierre et Saint André James Tissot overallIn this week’s version of the Call of the Disciples (Matthew’s version – we heard John’s last week), the way Matthew views the events of Jesus’ life colors the way that he tells the story of the Gospel. For Matthew, there’s no such thing as a random bit of scripture being included as filler. Everything has a purpose, and every seeming digression is being done to place a particular event into a larger context of God’s actions in history.

When Andrew and Peter, James and John respond to the Jesus’ call to them, we get a sense that all the familiar things are about to be transformed. This isn’t the way a teacher gathered disciples – at least the way that Matthew tells it. This isn’t the way that people treated their families. This isn’t the way people with authority act and it’s not the way that world expected God to intervene in it. Something extraordinary is happening – and it begins with this call.

The direct link to the video is found here.

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