The Church of the Second Chance

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Dawn on the waterI’ve wondered lately if the next time we plant a congregation, we might choose to name something other than after a saint or an event of Jesus’ life or even a doctrine. Maybe we could name it after something we need? Something like the Little Church of the Second Chance…

Jesus caused a scandal among his friends and the people in his community by actively including people who were, well, a little embarrassing to be around, to be honest. He didn’t just tolerate them, he enthusiastically included them. He even ate with them, which was a much bigger deal back then than it would be today.

Congregations that I’ve served over the years struggle with that idea. I struggle with that idea – not just with other people, but even with parts of myself. If there was a congregation explicitly for people who needed a second chance in life… well, that would really be something.

The direct link to the video is found here.

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  1. Here it is ! Church Beyond the Walls now meets Saturdays at 2 Friday Bible Study Noon Thursday often book group Worship Hospitality After service offers food Welcomes volunteers Meet and gather out of Cathedral space, store materials Welcome all – unchurched, lapsed attenders, college kids, homeless One volunteer from Brown now in Seminary Ten years still going oh !

    Deacon Ricky

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