Teach us to pray. And then, by your grace, let us change the world by our prayers.

Sermons and audio

Two hands are in prayer while resting on the bible SBI 301081068Prayer changes things. I’m not certain how. I know it changes me. I know it changes other people as they pray. I’ve seen it. I believe it changes the world, though I don’t know by what mechanism it does this. I’ve fashioned my life around this belief.

The lessons this week talk about prayer, and particularly about how the presence of righteous people can turn aside wrath. We hear Jesus’ disciples asking him to teach them to pray, and Jesus gives them the language that we call the “Lord’s Prayer”. In the sermon below, I talk about what the sentences of the Lord’s Prayer point us toward, and how important communal prayer is to the World (and to us).

Direct link to the sermon video can be found here.