Right now, we need to be like Mary.

Sermons and audio

Funny dog is listening music from vintage gramophone SBI 304892104We live in a world that talks and proclaims with increasing intensity. But is anyone listening to anyone else? Sure, we hear what is being said, but rather than hearing the other person, we are formulating a rebuttal while the words are still ringing in our ears.

In the Gospel reading this week, Mary chooses to sit and listen to Jesus. And Jesus commends her for it. In this week’s sermon, I speak about the power of listening to each other to dial back the temperature of the conflict that increasingly pervades our everyday life. I give a particular set of examples of how this changed the community and hopefully the Episcopal Church that I saw happen at our 80th General Convention this past weekend.

Direct link to the sermon video is found here.


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    You’re right, Nick, we do.

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