I saw Satan fall like lightning

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Night sky with lightning thunderstorm at night SBI 300870177In this week’s Gospel reading, Jesus sends the disciples as heralds into the countryside to proclaim the Peace to people and the Kingdom of God. When they return, they joyfully report that they have witnessed the forces arrayed against God routed and fleeing before them.

Jesus responds to their joy and triumph by telling them, prophetically, that he saw the Satan fall like lightning. The Ruler of this World’s time of dominion is coming to an end. While we have yet to see the vision Jesus spoke of, we have seen the signs of the rout with our eyes and seen the impact in the lives of the Saints.

In moments such as we are experiencing in our common life today, it’s crucial to remember Jesus’ words. We can easily lose hope or lose our belief in the triumph of God’s Love over the forces of division running free in the World.

In this week’s sermon, I speak a bit about how to live in time when we have hope, but have not seen the fulfillment. I speak about the root cause of the breakdown of social norms today and what we can do to overcome the trauma that is tearing each of us, and the whole of us, apart.

Direct link to the sermon video found here.

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  1. elizabeth nestor says

    thank you! Encouragement is sorely needed.

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