A Contradiction wrapped in mystery

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Dogmatic sarcophagus with earliest representation of the TrinityIs God one or is God three? The answer is as you’d expect; “yes”. You’ll most likely encounter the nature of God that you are seeking. Is Love a state or is Love a relationship? The answer is “yes”; it depends how you are looking. Is Light a particle or a wave? Again, the answer is “yes”; it depends how you look.

The Doctrine of the Triune God contains within it a great truth and a great mystery. But to me, most importantly, it contains an apparent logical duality. Two ideas or statements which appear to be in complete contradiction to each other and yet are both true. That truth despite contradiction is perhaps the most important take away for us, particularly in this historical moment.

Direct link to video is here.
The link I mention in my sermon above to the sermon by Canon Gerns is here.

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