Why can people always count on Christians being jerks to each other?

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Dogwood blossomsWhy is so hard to love one another? It’s such a rare thing that the powers of this world plan on our apparently endless capacity for division and strife in the Church. The division starts from the beginning and continues to this day. The division was the proximate cause of Jesus’ death (by Judas’ betrayal) and conflict causes almost all of the Epistles to be written.

Jesus asks us to do just one thing in particular. He charges us to “love another as I have loved you.”  Maybe it’s the Adversary. Maybe it’s our sinful, selfish desires. Whatever it is, the division is keeping us from being able to have the impact on the World that we are intended to have. And the World is suffering because of it.

I talk about this state of apparently permanent division in this sermon, place the Gospel into the narrative context of the events of Holy Week and suggest what we can learn from juggling manuals.

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