Palm Sunday: how do we respond to terrifying evil?

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The disciples at the foot of the crossThis Palm Sunday, like many before, is being observed in a time of war. And as in many previous wars, the evil acts committed against the innocent, young and old, strip away any sense we might have had that civilization had somehow transformed human nature. The war in Ukraine remind us that humanity has a profound need of healing, forgiveness and transformation. The story of the Passion of Christ takes on an urgency and a poignancy as we learn of the inhumanity that still lies hidden within our hearts.

But while we wait to be remade; what do we do in a time like this? What do we do when we are powerless to end the pain or to save the one we love?

The disciples at the foot of the cross stayed present and witnessed the sufferings of the person they loved. Jesus was not completely abandoned by his disciples, though many did flee. We can not stop the evil, we can not stop the pain; but we can walk with the one who suffers. It’s not enough perhaps. But it is something. And it matters.

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  1. elizabeth nestor says

    a salutary and timely reminder- thank you.

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