An old and familiar song but sung in a new key.

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Mary, in this passage from Luke’s Gospel, sings a riff on Hannah’s Song which Hannah sang when she learns that she is to give birth to the Prophet Samuel.

The old stories are coming true again. The same power which moved in times of despair and fear is moving once again.

That is a message for our day too. We bear within us the hope for all the years.

We too burst into song, singing songs from our childhood and songs from today.

The Great Story of God’s Love, Kindness, and Faithfulness is always being told and is always new. Just as the celebrations of Christmas remind us in times of War, Financial collapse, or Pandemic, that this gloomy time is being pierced with the True Light – and we only have to look with mystic sight to see it.

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Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer...

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