What if we went all in and trusted that God had our back?

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Dollar cents SBI 300262010The story of the widow’s mite, the story that is assigned for the regular Sunday readings this week, sounds like a call for people to impoverish themselves to support large religious institutions. And because that how it seemed to me for years, perhaps that’s why I always transferred the lessons for All Saints to this weekend – so that I wouldn’t have to preach on it.

But when you look carefully at the account, and hear what Jesus’ says, there’s another message. It’s not a message about stewardship or proportional giving as much as it’s a call to live our lives believing that we could trust that God would provide what we need – if not what we want. Jesus’ words commending the poor widow for putting in her whole life into the House of God that day were likely remembered later that week as he put his own life on the cross and trusted in God’s ultimate vindication. 

A faith like that is really something. It’s the sort of faith that can change the world.

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