The last miraculous healing of Mark’s Gospel; Bartimaeus becomes the model of discipleship.

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Marigolds blooming in garden close up of beautiful orange flowers marigolds is herb fl SBI 300870052The story of the healing of Bartimaeus at Jericho, on the banks of the Jordon River, is a chapter marker in Mark’s Gospel and a summation of all the teaching about discipleship that has been presented since the story of Peter’s Confession that we read at the beginning of this summer.

Mark’s Gospel is a complexly written and theologically dense account of Jesus’ life and ministry. The story this week serves to delineate the structure of the larger account of Jesus’ life and presents a summary of a major section of the Gospel.

The Gospel, as Mark recounts it, asks us to make a response to what is being presented. Who do we say Jesus is? What do we want from him? What will we do in response?

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