How can we become the bread of life?

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Offering bread to othersThe Gospel reading for this week picks up right where last week’s left off. Having fed the multitude in the wilderness, Jesus performs another sign that testifies to his true identity by walking across the lake to the other side, where the following day, the people chasing after him find him. In this week’s reading, he begins to teach on the deeper meaning of the sign of the feeding, who he is, and the deeper meaning of the Passover that they are then celebrating.

Jesus, the lamb of God, feeds the people in the new Passover meal during the sacred Triduum at the end of Holy Week. Jesus gives us of his own self and in that action show us the true bread of life. We can do the same as we follow the Way he creates for us. When we give of ourselves for others, we become in a simpler way, the bread of life for them too.

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