God loves us. There’s not much we can do about that except accept it.

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A heart made out of water splashes H7EhCZg0Jesus came into the world proclaiming God’s love and not God’s condemnation of the world. We humans are exceedingly good at condemning ourselves and each other – particularly the people we know, or at least think we know. But God’s not human. And our ways our not God’s ways.

This Sunday, rather than preach on the ancient doctrine of the Trinity as the revealed truth of God’s nature, I’m taking a different tack. As we emerge from the pandemic and start to count the cost, I’m seeing people who are exhausted, bitter and cynical about many things. That’s understandable. This has been a hard time and we have all borne difficult burdens, some more than we thought we could manage.

And in times like this, when we’re at the end of what we think we can endure, rather than trusting in God’s love, we turn on ourselves and our neighbors. So this Sunday’s Gospel, an odd one to my mind for Trinity Sunday, spoke to me more of the truth of God’s love for us than it did as a way of opening up the mystery of the Trinity.