Sermon for the 24th Sunday after Pentecost

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Graphicstock back light silhouette of a man standing on a hill overlooking filtered vintage future power achievement concept B6d55RJ5kZPaul’s Letter to the Church in Thessalonica is likely the first of his surviving letters, and as such, is the earliest Christian writing known. He writes to a group of believers that are struggling to understand their experience as members of the congregation are dying – something that was not expected given the teaching of the Apostles that Christ had overcome death.

Paul encourages them to encourage one another. By so doing, they will not lose heart, or hope and will wait patiently for Christ’s return and the revelation of what it means in their time.

We are facing a difficult moment too. I think we need to take Paul’s advice to the church of his time into our hearts in our time. We need to keep our hope that this moment will pass too.