Automation to take 1 in 3 jobs in northern UK according to report

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Although some workers will lose their jobs, the rise of automated work could help boost flagging productivity levels in Britain, which have held back pay growth over the past decade since the financial crisis. While new roles will emerge, trade unions have warned that more spending will be required to support retraining for those displaced by machines.

via Automation to take 1 in 3 jobs in UK’s northern centres, report finds | Technology | The Guardian

The Guardian article rightly points out that while some will be losing existing jobs, others will be taking on new jobs.

But either way, the study quoted in the article points to a season of major disruption in the workforce. And that is going to raise all sorts of pastoral care issues for the churches in the region as well as economic challenges in the short term.

It’s worth thinking about what the implications will be for the US as well.

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