You made the heavens and the earth, with all their vast array


From today’s meditation:

“The universe is essentially a giant empty, soundless, cold, chaotic void. In incredibly rare instances, there are small pockets of organized matter. The little pockets represent very simple things like electrons, a proton, a cosmic ray. Even more rarely those little bits of organization combine into something complicated—a hydrogen or helium atom. Even more rare than that are clouds of hydrogen. Stars, planets, and everything else that we can see are very small and very rare things when we think on the cosmic scale. It’s hard to imagine that God fills all of this vastness with the fire of love, or that God can comprehend its totality.”

More here.

Every now and then I read something that I’ve written and think, wow. That’s not bad.

The Author

Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer...


  1. Gale Grey says

    it is a good meditative book for Lent! thank you!

  2. Dave Abell says

    I’ve been reading this and read this one this morning. A very challenging question at the end.

  3. Daniel Jarvis says

    Dear bishop I downloaded your new book and am looking forward to reading it. I enjoyed your E states book very much. It does my heart good to see that TEC is not afraid of science It seems much of christianity here in the US has a real problem with it. On the other hand, much of astro physics is very afraid of pondering the role of conscieneness in the quatum arena…if I am reading them correctly…I can go only so far in astrophysics before my brain starts to leak out my ears!!!

    thanks for sharing blessings Daniel

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