2013 Bishop’s address to the Diocese of Rhode Island


In most dioceses in the Episcopal Church, there’s an expectation that the bishop will speak to the Annual Convention to both recap the previous year’s events and to point people toward what is expected in the coming year. Rhode Island has a long tradition of such addresses.

Last year I read a longish piece that I wrote. I wasn’t completely satisfied with how it went, though I was gratified by the response. This year I thought I might try something a little different – a “keynote” address making use of images and words in a more creative way.

The communications staff at convention, and Ruth Meteer, our diocesan director managed to capture the presentation’s audio feed and have combined it with the slides I used. Here’s the “video” of the result.


  1. Michaela Krynicki says

    I still miss your sermons . You have a great gift . I enjoyed your entire address .

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