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So far today we’re not hearing of any significant impact to the people or property of the Diocese of Rhode Island from Hurricane Sandy. Linda Grenz has been working the phones along with the rest of the staff at Diocesan House and seems to have made contact with most every congregation. I’ve been driving around here in the south counties and visiting buildings and catching up with people directly.

There was some flooding in Wickford where I’m living. We’ve lost power at the house so I’m staying with one of our priests here in town. But it doesn’t appear any of the buildings were damaged and no one was in danger – thanks be to God.

I did see some significant damage to property and power lines in the south counties, particularly down in Charlestown and along Ministerial Road driving north to Kingston. The Westerly area and Block Island are particularly hard hit. Do keep people in those areas in your prayers. It’s going to a long cleanup – though nothing like the people to south of us in CT, NY or NJ are facing.

May our prayers ascend to heaven for all who’s lives are in danger or who have lost so much.

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  1. Bill Young says

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the update. Naturally, we are all concerned for you and yours. We are holding all of you up.


    Bill Young+

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