Good Friday post from 2009

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I wrote this a few years ago on a Good Friday afternoon. As we were walking the way for the Cross in the Cathedral courtyard today I was thinking the same thoughts as I did back then.

Entangled States

The new light rail service in downtown Phoenix has changed the feeling of the downtown, including the immediate neighborhood around our Cathedral. The streets used to be pretty much deserted of pedestrians with only the occasional homeless man walking by. Now the streets are lively and filled with all sorts and conditions of people. It feels much more like a real urban center.

-3I hadn’t realized until today though how much different it was. It is our custom here at the Cathedral to mark the noon hour of Good Friday by praying the Stations of the Cross out in the courtyard. The stations are arranged around the outside of the pavement labyrinth; we make our way slowly around the perimeter following a deacon carrying a cross while another deacon reads prayers from the outdoor pulpit.

In past years we would do this with very few spectators. The street that the…

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  1. I know that you have a lot of projects on your plate, but the gathering of your posts like this is the Knisely book I am really looking forward to reading. 🙂

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