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Okay – looks like I’ve been able to migrate all the blog posts and all the comments over to the new site. There are a couple of gotcha’s…

  1. I’ve lost a couple of the sidebar widgets; but most of the functionality is still there.
  2. Looks like the photo albums are going to be lost; but again, I haven’t used them in a while. Been using MobileMe galleries for that. They’re going away in a year too, but at least I’ll have some time to figure that one out.
  3. I’ve lost most of the photos that I’ve posted over the years. Can’t see a simple way to fix that.
  4. Some of the very earliest posts have broken links. But that might be because my very first blogs were done on Blogger. I’ve tried to make sure everything was imported because the essays I wrote from the 2003 General Convention still get read reasonably frequently.
  5. I’ve lost the list of posts that I was featuring. Which again is okay. I may see what I can do to replicate that functionality here on the new site. Is that something any of you were using?
  6. At various occasions some friends have posted here as authors. Laura and Jennifer were colleagues of mine in Bethlehem. While we’re still friends, they’re not likely to post here again, and I didn’t see the point in creating author accounts for them. So some of what they posted for me will be now under my name. Most of that posting took place during the 2006 General Convention, so if it’s not an essay from that time, but rather a post of a news story, that’s probably one of them and not me. Bill Martin’s posts were tagged differently from the beginning, and you can tell which ones where his pretty easily.

I think that’s the whole list.

I still need to update the RSS feed to the new site. (I’m not sure if moving the DNS nameservers will do that automatically or not. If not, I’ll have to encourage people to update to the new feed.)
Once I’m sure I’ve got things working properly, I’ll move the domain “entangledstates.org” to this new site. I’m thinking that will happen early next week.

Here’s a question for you. Are you seeing adverts on this site? My intention is that you won’t. I’m not seeing any at the moment, but if they appear, I’ll pay to have them turned off.

And a second question: Is there anything that I’ve missed?

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  1. clicking on the subscribe returned plain XML – but subscribing directly on google reader to the feed was fine.

    I have remained on blogger – I like the link to Picasa for pictures. WordPress didn’t support pics at all as far as I could see.

  2. I don’t know if WordPress supports albums, but it supports pictures fine. At least now. The albums feature in Typepad always seemed pretty half-baked to me. I ended up using the gallery feature of MobileMe. (Of course that’s going away in a year, I’ll probably have to find something else to use.)

  3. Found the ads. They were showing up on the mobile browsers. Spent the money to turn them off.

  4. Paul Martin says

    The old RSS feed seems to work just fine. I haven’t changed anything and I’m getting new entries.

  5. Yah – chalk one up to a good design decision made 5 years ago. I use Feedburner to publish the feed, and I was able to keep the feed address the same and just update it with a new source. Which means all of the email subscribers and feed users (which are far and away the majority of the readers) don’t have to do a thing.

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