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Do you have an iPhone? An iPad? Do you support the One Campaign?

I spent time in Swaziland. Many of my friends are either from the Sudan or work with people in the Sudan. Here in Phoenix we have a number of cathedral members who work on the southern Mexican border with Guatemala. In all those places the situation is dire because an epidemic of preventable diseases, lack of basic infrastructure and extreme poverty. The MDG movement is a response to these needs.

The One Campaign is an organization of nearly two million members that are organizing to respond, and more importantly being advocates for a coordinated governmental response by countries around the world.

If you’ve been meaning to get involved in the advocacy work, but haven’t known where to start, and you’ve got an iOS device (or access to one) then you need to grab a copy of the ONE app.

“ONE Campaign is essentially a call-to-action app. It lists a number of political issues or advocacy movements and gives you instant access to proven projects that are working to combat the issues (like vaccines for children, for example). You can then enlist your Twitter or Facebook friends to help spread the word and join movements that are important to you. But the best thing about the app is that it gives you instant tools so you can actually take political action. With a few taps you can call your Congressman or sign a petition to support your cause. The app knows who your Congressional leaders are based on the zip code you enter. So many political action apps are solely news-focused. They tell us the bad things that are happening and leave us angry or distressed. The ONE app allows us to take productive action on an issue as easily as we download a song. ONE Campaign is a free download.”

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