A couple of early thoughts for Lent IV


I’m thinking of titling Sunday’s sermon “Beautiful eyes”. But that’s really just a hook to hang my own thoughts on as I think through what the lessons are saying to the particular congregation I serve. I’m rather taken by David’s beautiful eyes in Samuel that ultimately lead him astray when he gazes upon Bathsheeba; and the contrast with the clay eyes that Jesus gives to the blind man that allow him to see the Truth.

I love this idea that Jesus gives the blind man clay eyes. It says that explicitly in a textual variant of Syriac provence. And that is probably following Irenaeus’ commentary on the passage that point on that Jesus’ is completing the work of creation by adding mud to the mud-man (Adam) who’s completing has awaited the Messiah’s advent.

But there’s this too… The argument over the healing is an argument over plain visible fact versus interpretation of scripture. It is the religious authorities who are unable to see the truth of the fact standing before them, because they are blinded by their preconception of who God is, and their concepts of the limits to God’s freedom.

It reminds me of the argument over the biological process of Evolution and the parts of the Church that are struggling to make sense of something that goes against their understanding of who God is.

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