Epiphany 6A; Confession and Reconciliation


(This is the end of the sermon that I preached this past week. I didn't think I'd end with a call to confession, but I did; much to my own surprise. Perhaps one can't here the call to living an ethically serious life without trying to find help for those doing it.)

Confession? (Maybe I’m thinking about this because of the iPhone app that was in the news this week)

I can tell you that when I’ve really made a serious confession of something I’ve struggled with, it’s gone away from me, never to really return.

Perhaps that’s because of the spiritual grace given to the church.

Perhaps that’s because I really don’t like going to confession, and it’s only when I’m determined to deal with an issue that I go.

Either way. It’s gone.

It’s the medicine that God has given the Church to cure us. We don’t make much use of it, in part because we’re worried about the ways it’s been abused and cheapened by others.

But that must not stop us.

Lent is coming soon. I’ll find you confessors if you want them.

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