Grand Canyon Trip 2010


IMG_0416 A number of us from the Cathedral in Phoenix decided to start off our year of hiking and exploring the outdoors together by spending the weekend camping out on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We drove up on Sat. morning, met at the Park Headquarters, walked along the Rim trail until we came to the Grand Canyon Village. It was late in the day but about half of us decided to go a mile and half or so down the Bright Angel trail into the canyon itself.

After that we met again back at the campsites, had dinner and sat around the campfire talking economics and politics. Woke up in the morning and made our way to a small obscure parking lot that served as the trailhead for a hike to the rim that let us walk out to the edge of an outcrop that extended out over the south rim. We celebrated the Holy Eucharist there on the edge, drank in the beauty of God's creation and made our way back to the trailhead and then to home.

Hopefully this will be the first of a series of annual trips.

You can see pictures and a short movie of what this morning's clouds were like here.

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  1. John Sweeney says

    Just got back from two weeks in the Canyon. They should call it the Colossal Canyon.

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