Funeral Sermon for The Very Rev. Canon Richard M. George


Anglo Catholicism tends to get a bad rap. Dismissed for focussing to greatly on the minors of decoration and manual acts. But the history and origin is really honorable and worth of imitation.

Dick was one of the priests who was able to take from the great tradition without getting caught up in the minutia

I suspect that in his heart of hearts Dick would really rather I didn't spend this whole moment telling you about how great he was. Rather I think he'd want to recognize the source of his faith and the cause to which he gave his life. The Church as the community of the New Covenant. The Church as the earthly body of the Kingdom of God. The Church, which at it's best points toward the truth of the redemptive work of the Holy Spirit in the world.

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  1. Martin Pommerenke says

    Thank you for such a beautiful remembrance.

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