Epiphany 4C 2009; Our mission is Love

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St. Paul's great hymn to love is read at just about every wedding an Episcopalian ever attends. The irony is that the passage has nothing explicitly to do with marriage at all. It's Paul's advice about how to avoid needless squabbling in a congregation. 

The word he uses for Love, Agape, has a depth of meaning to it that is not readily apparent. It would put too fine a point on his choice though to say that Paul is elevating one form of love of another.
It is possible though that we can find God transforming the more earthly and sensual experiences in such a way that they point explicitly to the heavenly. 

Thinking about this in the context of the special ministry of a modern Cathedral can help us here at Trinity to sharpen our thinking about our mission to the community around us.

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