Christmas II C, 2009

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God has entered the world uniquely and definitively in Jesus. But the idea that an infinite and non-temporal being appears in history opens us to the paradox of the Incarnation. In the account of Joseph's flight into Egypt in the today's gospel, we begin to hear the ramifications of this paradox creating echos of Jesus throughout all of human history.
If we will take the time to ponder such a thing in our heart, we can find echos of Jesus all around us – especially at Christmastime as we celebrate the Feast of the Incarnation.

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Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer...

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  1. I am reminded of this paradox by the remarkable painting by Salvador Dali, Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus). Dali depicts Christ suspended in front of the cross in the form of an unfolded four dimensional hypercube, the implication being that Jesus is God “unfolded” into our three dimensional world.
    Bill Ghrist

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