A New Year’s Resolution for your church

I don’t know how I missed the extraordinary resource that the United Methodist Church Communication people have put online for anyone to access. It’s a full, self-directed, effective methodology for creating a church marketing plan for your congregation. It looks like it will work for any mainline denomination congregation.

According to the site, the reasons you would do such a thing are:

  • To fulfill your church’s God-designed calling and purpose.
  • To prosper and grow in the areas where God has uniquely gifted your church.
  • To improve how you communicate with and impact the people you want to reach for the Kingdom.
  • To be good stewards of church resources (time, energy, money, people, facilities), ensuring they are working together for your church to be most effective.”

We have a communications committee at Trinity Cathedral – and we’ve been taking the first steps towards creating our own marketing plan. We’re especially gifted with some technology people, a couple of people who own their own communications firms, and some world class music and art to draw people downtown.

But we’ve not had a step by step plan on how to put all this together.

Now we do.

What an awesome resource for the new year!

Find all the resources here.

Author: Nicholas Knisely

Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer...

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