Ceramic evangelism


Ceramic calling cardHalldor and Gail Hjalmarson,  members of the Cathedral in Phoenix and local ceramic artists, use little bits of clay, stamped with simple figures, daubed with glaze and then fired as their business cards. (The back of the "card" has their studio's contact information.)

One of our members saw these and thought they'd be a great gift that the Cathedral might give to visitors and as give-aways during the Art Walk on First Friday's here in Phoenix.

Halldor loved the idea and agreed to let us use his stamps and his kiln. It's a pretty simple process to make these – four or five people working in an "assembly line" can turn out hundreds and hundreds in a few hours.

I've attached a picture of one of the results. This particular one has a butterfly on the front. Others have lizards, horn toads, desert flowers, etc. We're working on making one with a trinity symbol for the front. They all have the same symbol and the Cathedral web address on the back.Neat huh?

Ceramic calling card- reverse side  When you're next in town visiting us, stop by and ask for one. We'll give you two if you promise to use the second to invite someone to attend church with you!

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  1. Theresa Stottlemire says

    Wow that’s really cool How much are they? I want one. Or you could maybe get me one for Christmas, (grin) ( Snicker)

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