Compline at the Cathedral in Phoenix

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There are a number of Cathedral's and congregations around the country who are starting to offer Sung Compline as a devotional office on Sunday evenings. We're starting do that here in Phoenix as a way to reach out to people (undergraduate and graduate students in the neighborhood who might not otherwise attend services on a Sunday). 

Here's a taste of what the experience is like.

On a good night we have nearly 30 people in attendance. Which is up from about 2 or 3 when we started last year. Fr. Craig Bustrin has been instrumental in getting this service up and going, and we're all very grateful to him for sharing his gifts so generously with all of us here.

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  1. There are others involved in this effort and I should given them some recognition too. Dr. Shy, who is a frequent poster on this blog writes: Thanks to Eric for posting and to Timothy our musical director and Fr. Craig our liturgical director for their hard work. Every Sunday at 8PM in the Cathedral.

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