Angels appear at the Cathedral


DSC_0061.JPG Last Friday, while a group of friends and Cathedral members were gathered inside Olney Hall attending the regular monthly opening of a art show, some people came in from courtyard talking excitedly about an angel image on the wall of the Nave. I didn't go out right away but a few people did follow. There was really something there.

The image you see at the right is what they were talking about. Sorry it's so fuzzy but it's the only picture we have. It's from someone who was present that evening. She took a picture with her cell phone and emailed it to us over the weekend.

We're not sure exactly what is causing the image. It's probably the reflection of some city lights off of some windows in the auditorium on the opposite side of the labyrinth from the nave. But we're not completely sure, and I'm not convinced we want to be. I sort of like have a just a little mystery about the mechanism.

And according to a few people I've talked to, the image regularly appears in the evening or least has been for a while now, so it's not something terribly new. But it's new to a bunch of us. I was out on the labyrinth a month ago and I didn't notice anything like it at that time. So apparently it doesn't appear every evening.

Which is sort of nice. Now I just need to see about getting a better image.

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