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World Mission

Rocksupportflyerweb Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix is one of a number of Episcopal congregations in the central part of Arizona who, together with Central Arizona Habitat for Humanity, build two houses a year in the Phoenix metro region and one house in the developing world.

For the Cathedral to be part of this, we need to pony up our share of the cost of the houses. Rather than use money that we spend on clean water projects, orphan education, free clinics for the homeless, etc, we are going to try to raise this money independently of our general budget. We are doing this with the help of Tim Sprague, a Cathedral member and one of the musicians in the local band "Crisis".

We're going to be putting on a big block party in central Phoenix, right next to the Roosevelt and Central Light Rail station on Nov 14. If you're in the city on that night, come and join us! Free food, music and dancing. Honor bar for those wish to fortify themselves against the cold. Good times for all.

You can buy your tickets in advance at If you can't come, you can still donate!

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