Anglican Worship; a quick tour in five parts


Brother Stephen, a Cistercian monk, is a former Anglican who made the transition to Rome years ago. He’s been trying to explain to his Roman Catholic readers what the implications of the Pope’s new Anglican outreach program might mean within the Roman Communion:

“There still seems to be a lot of confusion in Roman Catholic circles about just how Anglicans worship. I thought giving the visuals of the different schools of Anglicanism might be a better approach than more prose, so below are some videos representing the worship of the types of folks who might be considering the ordinariate.

These are broad strokes categories generally used by Anglicans, but each has many subclasses and crossovers. Consider this a 101, not an advanced course.”

The full article is here. There are five links that show some of breadth of Anglican worship.

I notice that he doesn’t have video of a typical Sunday morning service out of the Prayerbook in the States (perhaps because that’s not likely to be encountered by Catholics) nor does he show some of the more interesting experimental liturgies at places like St. Gregory of Nyssa in the Diocese of California.

But for people who worship in bog-standard Episcopal congregations (like our Cathedral in Phoenix) this is a reminder of how different things are within the Anglican Communion.

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