Proper 24B 2009, Job: parts 2 and 3

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This is a sermon in two parts, the first speaks of the dialogue sections of the book, the second deals the God's speeches. 

In the first part, Job is, heroically AND CORRECTLY (don’t forget that) insisting on his innocence. He will not let God off the hook. He will not walk away. He believes there is an answer, that God has it, and that he should have the right to hear it. (I use the word "right" carefully and I believe correctly. This whole dialogue is based on legal concepts of innocence and trial language.) 

In the second part, it is of primary importance to remember that God's words must be viewed through the lens of God's cross. We know God completely because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. So it's in that light that we hear God demurring from the entire quid-pro-quo language that Job, his friends and even Satan uses. God's relationship with Job is completely gratuitous – effected entirely by God and without benefit to God. God's relationship to Job is always loving.
Which means we're going to have to admit to our struggle and our discomfort with the beginning and the ending of the book. 

But that's the subject of next week's sermon.

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