Prayers of Science Educators answered

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Saw this over on James McGrath’s blog this morning:

“Science educators in the conservative Christian regions of the United States known collectively as the ‘Bible belt’ have long been praying for a sign from the Lord, one that would both confirm their rightness in continuing to teach (when allowed to by school boards) the scientific theory of biological evolution, and also help them persuade local residents in their areas of the overwhelming evidence for evolution.

God answered their prayers in a manner that made the TV news tonight, as well as appearing in many newspapers. God provided them with pig weed. This is a weed that used to be controllable using pesticides, but which now has evolved a resistance to the pesticides in question.”

Read the full article here.

The post goes on to point out that this creates a conundrum for the believers in Intelligent design because this development would seem to indicate a lack of teleological intention as it makes the human condition worse rather than better…

Of course the problem here is that such things are properly non-linear in their nature and it can be very difficult to determine the point of something early on in its genesis.

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