eBook version of “The Lost Symbol” is outselling paper

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I’ve seen this news reported in a number of places online this afternoon. Dan Brown’s latest book “The Lost Symbol” is selling more copies electronically on the Kindle than it is in paper. At least at Amazon.

Most of the online reports seem to track back to this post at Kindle Nation Daily:

“As of 10:30 a.m. EDT today, September 15, the Kindle edition is ahead of the hardcover edition in Amazon’s own hourly-updated sales rankings. “

Read the full note here.


I bought the Kindle version. It was half the price of the hardback. I’ll finish in a half day’s worth of reading and I’m not likely to reread it many times. I won’t have to store a copy in my already overloaded bookshelf. And it was cheaper. (Did I mention that already?)

Perhaps we’re starting to see a long expected shift?


On a quick note about the actual book – I’m a little worried about how Brown tries to base Noetic science (the science of human consciousness according to his novel) in part on the ideas of Quantum Entanglement.

I’ve always been uncomfortable when people try to push physics models further than they are valid, or into regimes where they are not meant to be used. I’ve read a lot of hackneyed religion and new age ideas that try to build off some of the surprising and counter-intuitive predictions of Quantum Physics. I’ve done my best to avoid that here. But I’m thinking that we are all in for a lot of nonsense if this new book has anything like the following of Brown’s last book.

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  1. I bought the Kindle version too. It was only $9.99, WAY cheaper than the hardcover. I suspect that it may generate some “crazy” stuff, but the books are fun. I have not started, but I understand that it begins at the Masonic Shrine in DC, a place that Philip and I visited along with my mother and my father (who was a 32d degree Mason). I am looking forward to all of the DC stuff. We have to remember, it’s just a story!
    Jeffrey Shy, M.D.

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