Mount Wilson Observatory fire report

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Jeffrey Hall, an astronomer up at Lowell Observatory, just pointed us to this report via his tweet regarding the threat to Mount Wilson:

“Chief Powers expressed his absolute confidence that they will save the Observatory. He said that while it may have appeared over the last day or so that the Observatory was being neglected, that they never lost sight of the importance of its preservation and it is now their highest priority. He flew up to the mountain yesterday, was delighted with what he found and knew they could achieve success here. There are now 150 fire fighters on Mount Wilson. Not only are the crews from Calaveras County (Cal Fire) back up there, but there are Los Angeles County fire fighters and even a crew from Helena, Montana. They have eight engines equipped to spray fire retardant on structures in addition to the crew engines. Chief Powers told me this army of fire fighters is ‘not going anywhere. They are very hard working and talented people who will get the job done.'”

Read the full report here. It looks like this is a page that is going to be continually updated as the news is received.

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