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The first book I remember reading was Edith Hamilton’s “Greek Mythology” when I was starting 2nd grade. Somehow that, and my pouring over my father’s Ancient Greek and European history textbooks when I was boy, created a deep an abiding love of ancient cultures and, more importantly, their stories.

I’ve been reading fantasy novels forever. When I read for fun, it’s pretty much a toss up between Sci-Fi and Fantasy with Fantasy winning out more often than not. A well written novel is the balm when one is needed. And lately…

Years ago I discovered a wonderful site for people who really like well written fantasy novels and short stories: The Greenman Review. It’s a site that publishes multiple reviews of what’s worth reading and it’s invaluable when you’re looking for something to take on vacation or retreat and don’t want to waste your time.

Here’s a little bit of the introduction to the latest issue. Hopefully it gives you a sense of the quality you find on the site:

“Neil Gaiman once said that his favorite smell was ‘November evenings — frost and leaf-mould and woodsmoke. The smell of coming winter.’ Now I’ll bet you, like I, can now smell frost and leaf-mould and woodsmoke as that’s what a truly great storyteller can do and Gaiman’s among the best storytellers that have ever graced this culture. To his credit, he is also, as one fellow writer put it, ‘a truly nice fellow’. Having encountered in my day some writers who were, to put it mildly, far less nice than one would hope they would be, Gaiman is one of the better blokes in the writing business these days! Once upon a time, we made him Oak King for a year — an honor reserved for the best storytellers!

And he’s certainly a prolific writer/scriptwriter/poet/lyricist as well — we’ve reviewed more works by him than anyone else by far! So we honour him with a special edition that looks at him as a person, has suggestions on where to start reading his works, and has a whole slew of fellow writers saying what they like best by him. So let’s get an Imperial pint of cider and take a look-see at Gaiman and his works!”

Read the full piece here.

They publish their full updates via RSS or via email (whichever works best for you). If you’ve not seen this before, have fun!

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  1. Mark says

    Great post! For me, it was an early discovery of Norse myths and sagas and the discovery of ancient history that awoke in me a love for the old stories. Fortunately, my son loves them as well, and I’ve spent many a happy evening reading ‘Odin the Wanderer’ or The Hobbit to him. Interesting how prominent wisdom is in the old myths and legends compared to our stories today.

  2. Bob Zakowski says

    Read any Michael Moorcock or Katherine Kurtz Deryni series?

  3. Hamilton’s “Mythology” was my first book, too. It sat on the table next to my grandfather’s chair and I picked it up every time I was at his house, which was pretty often.
    Perseus on the front cover, holding the head of Medusa, I remember….

  4. Anne Wolf says

    Edith is lots more enjoyable when it isn’t required to read and disect over the summer before 9th grade… and my daughter loves mythology!
    Ursula LeGuin has some amazing novels and novellas if you haven’t tried them. Buddies with M. L’Engle – and a better writer – and Jane Yolen.

  5. I love Ursula LeGuin’s stuff. Mrs. Vandestine got me to read LeGuin’s “Left Hand of Darkness” in her Sci-Fi class. It was the first serious sci-fi book I had read. What an amazing time of discovery that all started.

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