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One of the most difficult things to get your mind wrapped around in relativistic theory is the underlying higher dimensional geometry that undergirds the theory’s framework. Take that difficulty and make it geometrically more difficult (pun intended) and then you have a sense of how mind bending it can be to start thinking about string theory.

It’s sort of like that in theology too, but with a different undergirding structure, as one tries to wrap ones mind around the descriptions of God as being eternal, one, and Jesus as being only-begotten, risen, co-eternal, etc.

But if you’re game to doing some mind stretching, here’s a great video that will walk you through the techniques used to visualize higher dimensionality. I’ll leave it for the reader to work through the analogies that might be drawn to theological concepts…


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  1. Paul Martin says

    Great video. Now, if they would only include an explanation of the fractional dimensionality used in the theory of phase transitions. I never had any idea how to visualize 2.3 dimensional space.

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