First thought after General Convention 2009

General Convention

I'm still processing what has happened at General Convention in Anaheim. I think I'll try to post something of a reflection at some point this week. Probably sooner than later. While I'm tired following Convention, I'm not as absolutely blown as I was following the conventions in 2003 and 2006. That's probably because there was so much less question about what was going to happen once we took the vote of D025 in the form it was presented in to the House of Deputies. The big surprise for me was the margins in the passage.

But I do have this one thought kicking around in my head. It's a riff off a lecture that I heard given by Margaret Mitchell of Chicago Div School on St. Paul's letters to the Church in Corinth and the main point that Paul was making to the people asking him to adjudicate between them.

If you're looking for who won or who lost then you've lost. The problem isn't being right and others wrong. The problem is that we don't love each other enough.

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  1. trooper says

    waiting for the thoughtful inclusion of those who disagree with you. i know that i shouldn’t feel quite as hateful and mean as i do. but i do. i now concede that i may be wrong about the inclusion of gays, women, etc etc in TEC, but i still am opposed. my friend sent my kids embossed copies of the BCP, for posterity, i suppose. listening to hymnal hymns on youtube and getting weepy. this too shall pass. God Bless

  2. Trooper, I’m sorry you’re struggling with this. For what it’s worth I’m struggling with it too but for apparently different reasons.
    I meant to specifically include people who are struggling with the decisions we made at General Convention in my “Pauline diagnosis”. I miswrote what I meant to say in the last line – I wasn’t intending to point fingers at anyone. I meant to challenge us all to be more loving to each other.
    I think I’ve cleaned up the wording a bit more. I hope my point is clearer. Blessings to you.

  3. Gil Stafford says

    thanks for your insightful blog I have enjoyed keeping up with the Convention through your work – thank you,

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