First full day of Convention – no news yet.

General Convention

Quick note on Wed. Morning. Yesterday was the longest first day of Convention that I’ve ever experienced. I suppose that’s a good thing. Last Convention – in Columbus – we effectively ran out the clock in the end by not attacking the work we had before us agressively in the beginning of Convention. By the time resolutions with any substance started making their way out of committees and on to the floor, we were well into the second week. Many important resolutions simply didn’t come up for vote or discussion because of the time we spent deliberating the big resolutions regarding the commitment of the Episcopal Church to the Anglican Communion.

Not so this time apparently. We’re already holding hearings in the Communications committee regarding a number of resolutions. The big issues of the moment for us is the proposed plan to move Episcopal Life from a monthly cooperatively published newspaper format to a hybrid online and quarterly magazine format. We’re holding hearings on that tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully get it out to the floor by Sat. That’s important because it has budgetary implications. It could cost us between half a million and a million dollars a year according to some folks to decide to continue things the way they are…

Did have a chance to meet up with old friends yesterday. Had a visit with Bethlehem Deputation, got to see Bishop Paul Marshall and talk about how things are going back east. Sounds like they’re managing to keep on doing the work of the Kingdom in that diocese.

Karen and Kenney spent the day doing the Theme Parks. Apparently the big deal yesterday was that Kenney found the one and only “Owl” pin (my favorite Disney character) in the whole of Disneyland. So now I’m proudly wearing my Owl pin for all to see. Grin.

In terms of the mood of Convention – I have no idea. Things are spinning up so fast I’ve not really had time to have more than briefest of conversations with folks about anything other than the weather. The one thing I’m hearing from folks is that they are recognizing the crisis moment facing the Episcopal Church. (In terms of membership and money.) What I’ve not heard is any coherent response. Hopefully that will emerge.

But I’m not particularly worried. If it doesn’t emerge from General Convention (and I’m not optimisitic), I think is emerging now from the grassroots of the Church.

We just need to be able to recognize it…

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  1. Hi Nick, hope you have a great Convention, I put a link up on your thoughts today.
    Can you say what the grassroots of the church is saying from your vantage point?

  2. Call me an Arizona-ist, but I think that the coherent grassroots response will come from us right here in Arizona and possibly even right here at Trinity Cathedral. Go Arizona!

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