Quick test of the blogging software

General Convention

So, I’m just checking to see if I have my software configured properly. As annoying as it many bugs are, I still keep coming back to MacJournal to write my longer blog posts. It’s a great little program for writing while one is offline – and since there’s very little connectivity on the floor of the House of Deputies during General Convention – that’s how I’ll be writing down most of my observations.

Once you get back to a place where there’s a wireless signal, it’s a simple thing to upload the new entries. I used this package to write up my “live-blog” from the floor of convention the day that the new Presiding Bishop’s election was announced. I managed to be one of the first “eye-witnesses” to get my post up following the house’s motion to go into recess that evening.

The down side of the software is that it’s still rather clunky. It’s meant more for writing up a personal journal or diary than it is for blogging. And for posting links to other sites, or for quoting blocks of material by another writer, it’s missing a lot of the regular functionality that a dedicated application like MarsEdit includes.

But for longer pieces that are written in my own voice, it’s still my favorite. It has a nice full screen mode where you basically turn off all the computer distractions and just focus on getting your words down on the screen. It’s a lot like sitting down to a blank piece of paper on a typewriter. Which, as I recall, was one of the best parts of writing; at least for me.

So, if you’re reading this, you’ll know that I’ve got it working. And I’ll be planning on using it from the floor of Convention.

Watch this space as they say.

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