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This note was sent to me this morning by my daughter. She and a group of her classmates have decided that they could not stand idly by after hearing the accounts of the atrocities being committed in Uganda by members of the Lord's Resistance Army. I'm posting this here with her permission, partly because of my paternal pride in her and her friends, and mostly because some of you might be able to help:

Hey guys!

I know this is kinda long but try and get through it (ha ha)

So, there is this major crisis happening in Uganda, so much so that it is now deemed one of the most unsafe places on earth. This is due large in part to a group called the LRA (Lord's resistance army), which is being lead by a man named Joseph Coney. He is terrorizing not only Uganda, but the congo, Sudan, and several other neighboring countries. Because of him, more than 104,00 people have been displaced within their nations and more than 30,000 children have been abducted. Thats right, 30,00 CHILDREN! These kids are no more than the age of ten, and are being taken away by the LRA to become a soldier. These children are being raised without pity and are taught to be killing machines. Not only that, but they do not want to become soldiers, and spend every day of their lives fearing for what could be a horrible fate, being one of Joseph Kony's soldiers. 

So far, there have been several peace talks in an attempt to stop the madness. In 2008, we have come the closet to ever reaching peace. Kony told the government that he was willing to sign a peace agreement and stop this 23 year old war once in for all. Of course, when the day came for him to sign the paper work, he did not show up. A couple of months later he responded with a bloody massacre. What a christmas present huh?

However, right now, there is something being done. A group called INVISIBLE CHILDREN has stepped up in order to stop this terrible mess. They have rallied, campaigned, and have changed so many things in Uganda. So far, through several events happening in 2006 and 2007, they have been able to stop night commuting and have helped the displaced by giving them some hope. In fact, it was through their efforts that the peace agreement with Kony was almost reached.

Despite all their efforts, there is still one thing they have not helped, the children. The abducted children need help, and Invisible Children plan on helping them out. On April 25th, there is going to be a world wide rally. On this day (a saturday), we are supposed to abduct ourselves in order to show exactly what these children have to go through. It will be then that we will be rescued by the media or someone famous. Hopefully, this will garner enough attention so that we can do something to help the invisible children in Uganda.

Leading up to the event, we are supposed to wear the same two t-shirts throughout the entire month of april in order to help prove the point.

Of course, I have only scratched the surface of the problem. This issue goes much deeper and needs more and more support from everyone we now. So, below are several websites provided to help you understand exactly what is going on and what we need to do. I am hoping that we can get a large group to go to this event, and parents can and are encouraged to come as well, so that more kids and parents will be willing to go and do the event. I know I am personally really hoping to attend the event and have my voice be heard.

Oh and by the way, you do not have to live in Phoenix to take part. This event is happening in hundreds of cities around the world that are taking part, so find one near you šŸ™‚

Thank you for reading, and if you can, forward this email or spread the word and get as many people as you can to come to this event!


P.S. watch the 30 minute video on the rescue plan site if you want more details about the war in Uganda. There is also a movie that came out in 2003 as well

The main site for the Rescue plan:

The main site for the invisible children corporation:

A detailed PDF with everything you need to know about the plan (a must read):

The Facebook Site for Phoenix:

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  1. Matt Marino says

    Way to go, K-Knis! Kick a dent in the world.
    Kenney’s a great kid, Nicholas.

  2. I feel so bad at school today everyone was talking about him how he is doing kidnapping kids and all that I hope he is found and pay for what he has done. šŸ™

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