Preaching Workshop


This morning I’ll be giving a workshop at the Diocese of Arizona Ministry Fair for lay people who have been licensed as lay preachers here. As a member of the Commission on Ministry and Dean of the Cathedral, our bishop asked me if I would coordinate the program for him.

At this point the process of being licensed entails have the rector or priest-in-charge of the congregation contact me a nominee’s name and the expected setting for the nominee’s preaching ministry. We license the person as per the request and require yearly attendance at the Preaching workshop at the Diocesan Ministry Fair.

I’m going to ask the preachers if they would be willing to send me at least one of the sermons that they preach each year as a tool for determining what sorts of resources it would be helpful for the diocese to provide.

In the meantime I’ve knocked together a quick website with links and the slides of presentation that I’ll be giving this morning.

The site is entitled Resources for Licensed Preachers in the Diocese of Arizona

You can find the “page” here.

(I’m putting this story up here so that the participants in the workshop will be able to find the resource site more easily. And some of you readers of this blog may have some suggestions that I’ve not included for the site.)

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