Some Twitter accounts hacked


Someone has figured out how to crack into a number of high profile twitter user accounts. FoxNews, CNN, Brittany Spears and President-elect Obama’s accounts were all compromised somehow.

According to an article:

“Some suspected that the hacks today were associated with the weekend’s phishing attacks, but the Fox News account isn’t following anyone – so no one could have direct messaged it. That’s how accounts were taken over via phishing. Something else is afoot.

If the hacker is associated with the affiliate link sent out over Obama’s account, it may not be hard to discover who did this. Time will tell.

Twitter co-founders Evan Williams, Biz Stone and lead engineer Alex Payne have posted no messages since the attacks emerged. This can’t be good for Twitter. What major brand will be excited to sign up for the service now? Who would pay, even, to be put at such risk?”

Read the full article here.

I checked my twitter account. Everything appeared to be in order. But I did get a couple of twitter-spam messages today from a relatively obscure user that I’ve been following. It looks like it’s not just the big fish that are in danger of being caught by the fail-whale today.

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